Bird Watching

Only in New Zealand will you find Fan Tails, Kiwis, Tuis and the world's largest pigeons! 


     Lie in bed and wake up to the sounds of the Bell birds just outside your window! As your cabin is surrounded by everything from native Punga, and Beech to Magnolia trees, birds thrive just outside your door. Each morning, you're awakened by the beautiful sounds of birds around 6:00 AM, just In time to get ready for breakfast and then off to fishing!

     Wood pigeons, blue, big, and beautiful, live across the river from your majestic, you can hear their wings as they glide past you!

     When Leya and Scotty were married on a rock island in the Mangles River behind River Haven, the two gorgeous wood pigeons made a display by flying overhead, and down the river, just at the perfect moment, The KISS!

     Don't forget our famous country bird, the Kiwi! Like no other, it's cute sound is unmistakable! No wonder they nicknamed the people of New Zealand, Kiwi's! Bring your binoculars for a better look at all the magnificent birds of New Zealand.