Fly Fishing

Fresh Water Brown Trout Fly Fishing,

South Island - New Zealand


Trophy Brown Trout Fishing with Experienced,

Friendly Fly Fishing Guides


     "The Ugly Anglers" film crew from France did a special movie on River Haven Lodge (see shorts on River Haven Lodge Face Book page), due to the exceptional brown trout fly fishing that they experienced while in New Zealand. 

     Our Guides are  experienced in sighting brown trout, as though they had a type of radar connection with the fish themselves! 

     They tie their own flies giving you an edge.  Tying flies to match the exact insect stage, is where our Guides shine!

     You can be assured, River Haven Guides are among the friendliest and most patient, in the country, and they are all non-smokers.

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Michael Keaton stays at River Haven Lodge

to fish with Scott The Trout Murray!!