What a Beauty, this TEN & A HALF POUND BROWN TROUT landed by John Part of the UK!

John w 10.5 lb brown first day out compressed

Johnny Part of the UK, has just finished his 11th day fishing for his Spring visit. In just 11 days, and we're talking half to 3/4 fishing days, as they started later each morning and finished earlier...he, with the help of his great friend and trusty Guide, Scott The Trout Murray, managed to land 92 (that's Ninety-Two!) brown trout, up to ten pounds, with eight brown trout between 8 and 8.5 lbs!  He can't help himself, he just loves to break his own records without really trying hard...it's mind blowing to watch! So he's off to Aussie on another holiday, and will return come April for his Fall session! You truly set the bar Johnny for others with the same passion as you!